I did a ‘Make and Take’ Class this week. The theme was ‘Replacing Toxic Household Cleaners’ with natural cleaners. Over the years, we had slowly been replacing toxic cleaners like Windex etc with more natural cleaning products from other companies like Seventh Generation etc.

However, I started to notice that some of them don’t clean as well and they tend to be so expensive. It does add up and sometimes because it does not clean well, you use more. So, I started to make my own (before Essential Oils) and they were ok, I was not that thrilled about it. And then I discovered Young Living Oils and Oil products. It totally changed my relationship with cleaning and the bonus was that it was super cost effective.

My favorite is the Thieves Household Cleaner. It is made from the Thieves EO blend which is an all time hit. It has organic and biodegradable materials which is important and because it is concentrated, a little can go a long way. I understand the ingredients that are used and know that my family is safe being around it.

Thieves HouseHold Cleaner

For instance, you only need 1:30(water) for General Cleaning and 1:15 for heavy degreasing. It is versatile so you can use it for cleaning carpets to doing the laundry. I actually like to make different cleaning products with it. That was the theme of the ‘Make and Take”. We made a ‘Soft Scrub Cleaner’, ‘General Cleaning Spray’ and a ‘Versatile All Purpose Spray’. If you would like any of these recipes, l am happy to share them with you.

I started being militant about these types of things because of my little guy. I know I cannot protect him from everything, but being a mom brings this fierce mama bear instinct that makes me at least want to look at the things that I can control. What products I use at home, what environmental toxins he is exposed to (at least at home), what he eats at home, how our lifestyle impacts him are at least in my control. This is why I started looking into it before he was born and it is always evolving. I started doing this for him and now it has turned into something bigger than him Рsharing this with people around me. My hope is that it  plants a seed of other possibilities and alternatives.

Blessings to all of you on the beautiful New England Fall day.

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