Young Living October 2016 Promotion

One of the reasons I love Young Living as a company is because of the generous gifts they give to members. Take October for instance, there are so many awesome promotions this month, that I am almost overwhelmed in figuring out how to write about it.

First of all, they have included a new tier of promotion for spending 100PV ( basically equals to the $) which is brand new. Secondly, I love that you get the Thieves household cleaner (a must in every household if you want to go toxin free) and Thieves Fruit and Vege Spray and Dryer balls + more


I wanted to describe what each of these products can do.

Lavender Vitality: I love adding Lavender Vitality to my Lemonade or Fruit smoothie. It is a great way to support all body systems. One of my favorite uses is to add to a capsule for seasonal discomfort.

Palo Santo: It is a plant from South America that has been used by the Incas to cleanse and purify negative energies. It is great for spiritual development and calming the nerves. Another wonderful use that I discovered is to add it to my camping spray to have a pest free outdoor experience.

Clove Vitality: Clove is wonderful for supporting the immune system and overall wellness. It is fabulous to support oral health and adding a drop to honey can soothe your throat.

Thieves Fruit and Vegetable Spray: These days, even organic produce has residue in them. Spraying your fruits and vegetables especially when on the go can have you eating them in no time after a quick rinse. It is super effective as it has the combination of Thieves Oils + Lime Oil.

Wool Dryer Balls: Now, why can’t we just use the dryer sheets instead. The popular dyer sheets have endocrine disruptors. Read this article by Huffington Post on common household items that contain estrogen mimicking chemicals that disrupt hormones. Use wool dryer balls – add a drop of Lavender or Purification EO to it and see your clothes comes out super clean :)

Thieves Household Cleaner: You can get the squeaky clean without dangerous chemicals or synthetic ingredients. We have replaced this for all the cleaning supplies we have at home. It is super concentrated so it lasts a long time. I love non toxic cleaning supplies for the same reasons as why I WILL NOT use dyer sheets. With the skin being the largest organ which will absorb everything that it comes in contact with, I am very particular about what I use at home including cleaning supplies.

Having a small child at home, I never have to worry about whether he will get into my cleaning cabinet because even if he does, it is super safe.

For current members of YL, we have another great opportunity to get Free Gifts. If you have never been on Essential Rewards (which is the monthly autoship program allowing you to get points for all the essentials that you might normally buy – you can cash that for most products) you can get Thieves, Lemon and Digize for placing an ER order for just 100PV.


Thieves EO: Can’t live without Thieves in our home. We use this every day for boosting our immune system.

Lemon EO: It is super cleansing and is one of the most versatile oils I have known other than Lavender.

Digize EO: It is a blend that is helpful in regulating your  digestive system and for overall wellbeing.

Are you NEW to Young Living? Would you like to get started with Young Living and be a part of our awesome Harmony & Vitality Team. It is super simple – Just go to Young Living and add 1723841 where it asks for Enroller and Sponsor Number once you click on I have the member ID.



Universe / Divine often seems to push me to my knees to show that I am not in charge.

I want to share an incident that happened yesterday. It was a lazy Sat, my husband took our son for swim lessons while I finished preparing lunch. We ate lunch and put the kiddo down for a nap. I hadn’t been to the gym since my last post about exercise and felt the need to get back into a routine once more. So, after quickly tiding up the place (it always seems like a storm went through my house) I decided to go to the gym. It had already started to snow by then and I wanted to get back as quickly as possibly.

So, off I went to the gym for an hour. As luck would have it, I found one parking spot – the parking lot was heavily crowded for some reason, probably people trying to stock up before the heavy snow. I had a good workout and as I was walking towards my car, a man stopped me saying loudly “Did you do this?” I had no clue what he was talking about and said so to him. He then points to his back bumper and shows a scratch on it. Then, he points to a scratch on my front bumper and shows me a scratch on my car. He then proceeds to accuse me that I hit his car.

And even before I could say anything, a cop car shows up and blocks my car. Everything felt surreal. I know, it is not a big deal, accidents happen right. But something got triggered inside and I felt the injustice of being accused of something that I did not do. Any grounded person would have politely explained that and let things happen.

What did I do? I fell apart. I started crying and yelling that I did not hit that car. Crying hysterically – now in retrospect it was stupid to have had that crazy reaction. In my mind, I had 1 hour to myself and I wanted to just get back home to my kid and did not want to spend hours dealing with the insurance company for something that I did not do. It felt like pure injustice and a waste of time. Of course, my acting like a crazy person did not help but I could not stop crying. This hit a nerve.

Even with the cop explaining to that dude that it does not look like I did it – the man insisted to exchanging information with the insurance company. And then began the waiting period. The cop took all my information and I waited in the car. My phone then dies, it was like I was in twilight zone as all I wanted to do was call my husband or my friend and get some comfort.

Finally, after 25 long minutes, I was allowed to go. And my phone turned on mysteriously as well. It was almost like I was just meant to sit in the discomfort of being accused and my melt down – just ‘being’ and ‘accepting’ of the situation.

When I finally got to speak to my friend ‘Naomi’, who I often go to when I need a different perspective, she reminded me of this book that we both had read called “The Surrender Experiment“, where the author’s main way of being in life is to ‘let things happen’ and not ‘fight anything that life doles out to you’.

Obviously, this incident was no big deal but in the moment, it felt like the rug had been pulled out from under – being accused of something that I did not do seems like a big trigger, I guess. It was a great reminder of letting the universe be a guide. Surrender often gets a bad rap because people confuse it with submission.

So, what does Surrender really mean? Here is what Wiki says about it “To surrender in spirituality and religion means that a believer completely gives up his own will and subjects his thoughts, ideas, and deeds to the will and teachings of a higher power”.

For me, Surrender is my way being guided and being at peace with what is happening. It does not mean that I don’t do what I have to do, it means that I do my job and let the universe / divine do the rest – what ever that looks like – whether I like it or not / whether that was in my plans or not/ whether that is what I wanted or not. It means true acceptance without resistance. It means sitting with the discomfort, it means asking for guidance from a place of prayer / humbleness.

SurrenderEOBlog Every morning before I start my day, I apply a drop of Surrender Essential Oil to my heart center and my forehead. I actively set an intention of giving me the strength and courage to ‘surrender’. And I had forgotten to do that on Sat morning. Just because I did not apply the EO does not mean that I should have forgotten that principle. To me, actively intending for ‘surrender’ sets the pace of the day and serves as a reminder.

What I love about Young Living is that they have an oil for everything. I truly love Surrender Essential Oil and feel grateful to have tools like this. Surrender is a blend and here is what YL describes the oil – “Surrender™ is a calming, soothing blend formulated for individuals who feel a need to be controlling. It helps quiet troubled hearts so that negative emotions can be released. Surrender may also help return feelings of equilibrium and inner strength”

Do you see those words “who need to be controlling” – that is me or should I say “recovering me”. I often joke about myself as a “recovering controller”. I have to work hard at it – letting go of control.

I will invite any of you struggling to let go of control to just experiment with Surrender and see how freeing it is – that is after you work through the fear : )

Healthy Weight Management

Weight is not something I have ever struggled with……Well, until….I got pregnant. I was always so prideful of my genes. My paternal grandmother was less than 5 ft tall, bore 8 children and probably never weighed more than 90 lbs.  Well, that is what I was blessed with, well, until I got pregnant.

Pregnancy was actually fine. I gained only the right amount 35 lbs and interestingly enough, I gained 15 more pounds after giving birth  in-spite of nursing. All the stories about nursing makes you shed the weight did NOT apply to me. It was so disheartening. I had so much compassion for people who try hard but are unable to shed the weight. I was so depressed. I am not big into being skinny, but my energy was down and it was so hard carrying around all that extra weight.

I found essential oils that helped with healthy weight management (which I will write about below) but I was reluctant to use them as they have peppermint EO and sometimes peppermint EO can reduce milk supply. I was not ready to loose the milk supply that I had worked hard towards maintaining. So, you must be thinking – there must be something about Essential Oils that she will be writing about. Yes, there is, but not all what helped me finally loose all the pregnancy + weight.

What worked for me was a high protein diet low carb diet, exercise regularly even if just for 20 min, reducing stress ( this was BIG as I was so stressed about my son’s eating issues – another post for later) , NingXia Red (I started drinking NingXia Red everyday especially before a workout) and Lemon EO ( I started having lemon eo in my water everyday in the morning) This really helped and 2 years since his birth, I am finally back to my pre pregnancy weight.

In any case, here is a protocol that might help many of you….


Grapefruit EO ( Helps boost metabolism)
Lemon EO ( Breaks down fat cells)
Peppermint (Helps with hunger)
Add 3-4 drops of each in a capsule and have one everyday preferably in the morning.

My invitation to anyone struggling with weight – Don’t give up, be persistent ( heard of compound effect – it works) and don’t loose hope.


Cleaning Recipes

I had lots of inquiries about the recipes from the last blog that I posted. So, here they are…

This first one is an “All Purpose Cleaning Spray” made with Thieves Household Cleaner.  It is one of the simplest recipes for creating a sparkling clean space. Best of all – it is completely non- toxic. So, needless to say, I love it.

All Purpose Thieves Cleaning


This next one is a “Soft Scrub”.  Again, so simple to make and yet so clean and effective. I love how cost effective these simple cleaning products are.  SoftScrub Please do try them….


Replacing Toxic Cleaners

I did a ‘Make and Take’ Class this week. The theme was ‘Replacing Toxic Household Cleaners’ with natural cleaners. Over the years, we had slowly been replacing toxic cleaners like Windex etc with more natural cleaning products from other companies like Seventh Generation etc.

However, I started to notice that some of them don’t clean as well and they tend to be so expensive. It does add up and sometimes because it does not clean well, you use more. So, I started to make my own (before Essential Oils) and they were ok, I was not that thrilled about it. And then I discovered Young Living Oils and Oil products. It totally changed my relationship with cleaning and the bonus was that it was super cost effective.

My favorite is the Thieves Household Cleaner. It is made from the Thieves EO blend which is an all time hit. It has organic and biodegradable materials which is important and because it is concentrated, a little can go a long way. I understand the ingredients that are used and know that my family is safe being around it.

Thieves HouseHold Cleaner

For instance, you only need 1:30(water) for General Cleaning and 1:15 for heavy degreasing. It is versatile so you can use it for cleaning carpets to doing the laundry. I actually like to make different cleaning products with it. That was the theme of the ‘Make and Take”. We made a ‘Soft Scrub Cleaner’, ‘General Cleaning Spray’ and a ‘Versatile All Purpose Spray’. If you would like any of these recipes, l am happy to share them with you.

I started being militant about these types of things because of my little guy. I know I cannot protect him from everything, but being a mom brings this fierce mama bear instinct that makes me at least want to look at the things that I can control. What products I use at home, what environmental toxins he is exposed to (at least at home), what he eats at home, how our lifestyle impacts him are at least in my control. This is why I started looking into it before he was born and it is always evolving. I started doing this for him and now it has turned into something bigger than him – sharing this with people around me. My hope is that it  plants a seed of other possibilities and alternatives.

Blessings to all of you on the beautiful New England Fall day.