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I started this blog coz I wanted a place to share my passion for natural healthy alternatives especially for women and moms looking to simplify their lives whether it is health or hustle. What brought forth this passion was because years ago my hubs and I both were hit with a severe health crisis. That opened the doors for natural living where we changed our entire lifestyle, from the foods we ate to what cleaning supplies and household products we bought home, and also to keep our minds clutter free – since body mind and spirit are all connected. It took years for me to fully get better but the silver lining was that it made me passionate to spreading the importance of leading healthy natural lifestyle.

Women, IMHO are often gateways to the wellbeing of their families and I love encouraging them to trust their intuition.Happy moms / women = healthy home = healthy families = healthy mind, body and spirit.

So, I offer two services, one – I help you get started with the essential oils and essential oils infused products so you can fully embrace a healthy lifestyle and I also provide guidance all along the path so that it is not too over whelming. When you get started with me, the one promise I have is that you never have to be alone on this journey to health and wellness – you will have access to me and the entire knowledgeable community. We have so many people from different modalities who are so generous with their wisdom, it is amazing.

Second – I love helping mom / women entrepreneurs to simplify the process of setting up their own businesses, use their already existing skills, passion and talents which are often put to the sideline because duh! We are raising humans, the future of this world and planet, just a small task right. I meet so many moms, SAHM or working full time who are craving something outside the rut, whether it is just to provide a car payment or to replace the family income. This is where my almost 2 decades of being a licensed Psychotherapist and Certified coach comes very handy. I love locking arms with strong, motivated, inspired, women who want to have the freedom of health and wealth.

And this service is FREE, accessible to anyone part of my essential oils community.

Pushing sales or services is not my thing. I don’t know how to do that, I am here to provide info, it is resonates, join me, if it doesn’t, then I Thank you for your time and we move on.

If anything I shared spoke to you or sparked curiosity, contact me, come to one of my classes, or lets chat via phone or video chat If you are not local And I am so happy to welcome you to this community.


IMG_2088 Some quirky facts about me –  I was born in Mumbai in 1976 – goodness, that makes me ancient. I have never spent more than 7 years in one home ALL my life. I never wanted the responsibility of having children, so I became a therapist – in 2000 and took care of zillions of people instead – the irony of life. Universe had other plans and blessed us with 2 little phenomenal, beautiful beings who sometimes make me want me to tear my hair out – The love I feel for them is something I have never ever felt “Be still my ♥” . When I get stressed, I clean and organize  .  I am insanely crazy about reading labels which is why you should never send me to a grocery store, otherwise my family will starve as I will never get back home.  I love a clean organized home which is never the case these days – take a guess why? yes- those two tiny humans who we cohabit with rule our life. I have 5 different journals going on at the same time for various aspects of my life. I am like a dog, once something gets my attention, I go after it till the Divine says “time to change directions”. Can’t question that, right?? I constantly have hundred different lists of ‘Things to Do’.

Finally, you see that handsome dude next to me. San Francisco City Hall IMG_2086 officiated us as hubs and wifey back in Aug of 1999. Can’t imagine a single day without this man I get to call my life partner. He is my rock, my coach, my love who brings me back to the physical plane of existence often otherwise this mama would be off floating in the ether or in the Himalayas – yes I wanted to take ‘sanyas’ (renounce the world as a yogi) since I was 11 years old after reading the Autobiography of a Yogi. I still find solace in meditation and sitting in Divine presence but I no longer want to renounce, more like escape the world.

Holler if you have questions or have suggestions

Love and Blessings to you my friend





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