I am sure many of you have heard that we write or pursue things that are difficult for us. Yes, self care and nurturing myself is really hard for me. Like many people, especially women, I put others needs first before tending to mine. And guess what happens after some time…. You find a crabby version of me because without my bucket being full, I will eventually fall apart and = family and child being crabby as well. So, you can see that it is not the least helpful.

I am working on ways to nurture me. Here are some of the things that fill my bucket and I use Essential Oils to support me through that.

  1. Meditation: It is such an important grounding tool for me. I find such solace in sitting in empty space. These days, even if I don’t have time to sit, I find moments in my day to do that.
    mediateBlog Frankincense EO has been used for centuries to support mediation practices. Frank, as we affectionately call it is by far my favorite essential oils. It is so calming and yet rejuvenating. Before sitting for meditation, apply a couple of drops to your temples, brain stem and wrists.And even if you don’t have a meditation practice, I will invite you to find a few minutes in your day to sit and just focus on breathing and use Frank as a way to support you. Being with your thoughts and feelings even if difficult can serve in the long run.
  2. Mindfulness Practice : Becoming aware of my thoughts and feelings is an integral part of my day. I guess that is where my therapy training and experience for over two decades comes in handy. When I give words to what and why I am feeling the way I am, it somehow eases everything that is happening.The oil that I use to support me through is Surrender. As I become aware of what is happening, I consciously surrender that to the divine, to the universe or the elements or whatever resonates in that moment.
    SurrenderEOBlog Surrender EO is a soothing blend of seven EO’s designed to release stress and become emotionally balanced. It also facilitates surrendering of things which we can’t control (which is everything right?) I jokingly call myself a ‘recovering control freak’. I like controlling everything and often fall flat on my face as there are so many things outside my control. Surrender often helps me remember that especially when I am struggling with life.

    Again, you don’t need to be an expert in any of these practices. My invitation to you is to just pay attention when you are triggered by something and send some loving kindness to the parts of you that are triggered and gently inquire ‘what is happening right now?’ Use Surrender to help get clarity and release it.

  3. Reading and Journaling: The most favorite spot in my house is my bedroom. It is always so inviting, safe and comfortable, eases any tension that I have. It is my sacred space. At the end of the day, my favorite task is to spend a few minutes reading ( I still like reading real books, it is lovely feeling paper in my hand) and / or journaling. It helps unwind from the day. It also helps me see what was going on in the day, any changes I need to make in my life, it is basically a time for self reflection.
    journaling blog
    We often diffuse calming oils like Lavender, Stress Away etc to unwind from the day. It is also a time for my husband and I to reflect on our day and to connect. These days, our lives are so full with so many things that it has been hard for us to connect. So, I am grateful even if we can get a few minutes to connect and reflect.
    Long winded way of saying, make sure you have time to reflect on your day.
  4. Gratitude: When I am feeling unhappy or feel bad about things, I lean on Gratitude. Having gratitude almost instantaneously snaps me out of ‘misery’. It is a beautiful way to be thankful and grateful for what life has given. When we focus on gratitude, we open ourselves to receiving more of life’s gifts and things flow better when our heart and mind are open.
    And of course, Gary Young has formulated an oil for that. I am so grateful that he has done that. Gratitude It is sweet blend of eight different oils formulated to foster gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation.

    There is so much more that I can say about Self Care, but I will leave you with these last words for now….My hope for any of your reading this is that you will look at any difficult circumstance or people in your life as messengers who are here to help you look at yourself so you can be the best human that you can possible be.

    Please share in the comments below how you do practice self care so that others can learn from that.

    Love and Blessings to all of you.

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