Even though this blog is primarily about Essential Oils, I wanted to make a page of some amazing resources and healing arts in the area that support my philosophy of health and well-being. Most of these have been personally tried by me and are just my recommendations based on my experience.  Also, They are not listed in any particular order. Just click on the highlight and it will take you to their website.

1. Lydian Center This has been an amazing resource for me and my family. Dr. Lydia is a fantastic chiropractor and helped my son tremendously. She has also worked with me for postpartum stuff very effectively. Their office has a great staff and they also have some great practitioners there.

2. Midwifery – I had a successful planned home birth with both my children. It was a stress free, wonderful experience. So, I wanted to provide this great resource for any one who might be interested in a home birth. There are some wonderful midwives in this area and I would highly encourage you to look into it if you are interested in natural birthing.

I chose Kim Leuder for the birth of my second child

3. Dr. Zasloff – Integrative Home Medical Care for Mom and Baby. I can’t recommend Dr Z enough for in home care after birth. This service is amazing and Dr Z is beyond amazing as you can get both postpartum care as well as care for your baby at home. Any mama who has just given birth would probably appreciate the ability to just stay home with the baby and still receive excellent medical treatment. If you are pregnant, I would highly recommend contacting Tova Health / Dr. Zasloff.

4. Strength In Yoga Connection: Erin is a wonderful yoga teacher for children, teens and families. My son and I love her classes. It is an awesome  way to connect with your bodies and as a family plus a great way to connect with the community.

5. Prenatal and Postnatal yoga: Barrett’s prenatal classes were a savior for me during pregnancy. Not only did the movements help, but also having a community of expectant mothers was very helpful during the long arduous months of pregnancy. I am still friends with many mothers that I met through the class. Definitely give it a try if you are pregnant or have given birth.

6. Homeopathy : Jhuma Biswas is a wonderful sensitive homeopath. It is good to have choices of different treatment modalities when dealing with health and wellbeing of your family. She is a great resource to have.

7. Acupuncture : Julianne Murphy is the founder of Anam Cara Holistic and offers various services like Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage, Herbs and Integrative Body Work.  Mr. Kuwahara is a wonderful pediatric acupuncturist. He does more than treat children, but that is the only experience I have had with him.

9. Ball Sq Family Medicine: It is a part of Hallmark Health Associated. My family doc / pediatrician is open minded, supportive and respectful of the choices my husband and I make for our family. In fact all the doctors in this practice are great. My doc was a great support and resource for me during home birth and for the difficult postpartum stuff that I went through. If you are looking for a supportive practice, do contact this medical facility.

10. Favorite Others




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