Dealing With Emotions Class

Class on dealing with emotions – one of my favorite topics.

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Share this video as this is such an important topic for everyone. Just like you clean out toxins in your home, this is to clean out toxic emotions so you too can live a life of FREEDOM.

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Natural Bug Repellent

Do you love the outdoors but hate the bugs. Not only are bugs annoying, but they can be potentially dangerous for our health like west nile virus, the infamous lyme….Are you concerned about the chemicals found in the popular insect repellents in the market, esp DEET. Don’t know whether they are good for you or not. 


Here is the bottom line – Deet is there in those insect repellents because it works. But I personally will not use it as it has been linked to neurological effects like seizures, skin irritation, eye irritation, Esp exposing my kiddos to these things – a big no.


But you have to weigh your options – are you going back packing in the country and the chances of encountering bugs  that can be potentially dangerous for your health – keep this as a stand by.


Any chemicals – my tendency is to avoid it, but if you are in the deep woods, healthy lifestyle, toxic load is low – so ok to use if you need to.



BUT there are alternatives and using the alternative often is the best way to start, esp for children. I love my essential oils based insect repellent. I use YL oils and I use the insect repellent that is pre made.


This is how I do it, You are welcome to try just this one if you want.