April 2018 Promo

The first of the month is always so exciting – What will the promo be? This is one of the ways I build my wellness arsenal. There is always something in the promo that I have not tried..This month is no different.
April Promotion
🌿 Spring has sprung and Young Living is all about “April showering” us with wellness.
Young Living is….
– giving us springtime support
– loving on our gut health
– continuing to get toxins out of our homes with spring cleaning!
With a 300 PV order, you’ll get these for free:
Allerzyme: (don’t miss the extra info in the comment section of this post, all about Allerzyme!). I am super excited about any YL supplement in the monthly promos. They’re game changers! . This enzyme promotes digestion and is especially good for anyone who struggles with digesting carbs!
Wool Dryer Balls (and the cute bag!): You know my love for ditching toxins in your home (DRYER SHEETS, get behind me) and switching to these wool dryer balls. Too easy! Add 3-5 drops of your choice of oil to each dryer ball and freshen up that laundry. Purification is one of our fave oils to use on our balls to eliminate odors. Also great: Tea Tree, Lemon, Lavender, really any smell you love. Know more, do better, friends.
Tea Tree: A staple for every home. Can’t get enough! There are all kinds of great cleaning DIYs you can do with this oil, my favorite thing to do in my ample free time is surf Pintrest.
Also: breathing never felt so good with a tiny bit of Tea Tree in salt water nasal flushes. 👃
It’s also great oil for all things skin – from blemish prone skin to a healthy scalp. It is one of the eo’s I use for massaging my scalp.
Aromatically it cleanses the air and is supes refreshing. Try this diffuser trio out : 4 drops Tea Tree, 4 drops Rosemary and 5 drops Lemon essential oils for a yummy smelling and purifying experience.
When that 300 PV order is on Essential Rewards, you’ll get:
ER exclusive – Fennel: (15 ml) Fennel is wonderful support for a woman’s milk supply! But don’t worry, even if you’re not a nursing mama you’re going to be excited to have this oil on hand.
It’s great for digestion and acts as a digestive aid and even increases the metabolism! Double win!
And great for anyone who is working towards some weight management goals. During Medieval times, Fennel was used to ward off evil spirits, so why not add a few drops in your diffuser for good measure! 😉
ER exclusive – Basil 🌿 Vitality : use this oil to support the respiratory and immune systems with seasonal changes. Cuz breathing and being healthy are SO FUN!
It’s great for the muscles and actually does wonders for head tension too! It’s one of the oils used in Raindrop and we always keep a good stock of Raindrop oils at our house.
And for any cooks, add some freshness to your soups, salads or pastas with Basil. It’s pretty strong so I suggest using a toothpick-tip size amount and add the flavor as you go.
When you place an order of 250 PV this month, you’ll get:
– Wool dryer balls
– 15ml Tea Tree
And when it’s on your ER order:
– 15ml Fennel
– 5ml Basil Vitality
With a 190 PV order this month, you’ll get:
– 15ml Tea Tree
When it’s your ER order, you’ll also get:
– 15ml Fennel
– 5ml Basil Vitality
With a 100 PV order on Essential Rewards, you’ll get a 5ml Basil Vitality!
The reason that I am posting ‘With ER and Without ER’ is because you can get the promos TWICE each month. Once via Essential Rewards, and once via Quick Order.

I love what I do

I’m delighted to announce that I am taking health and wellness to a whole new level. I am so excited about what I’ve experienced with Young Living essential oils and the changes that I’ve seen with others as well.

Because of this and my commitment to health and wellness on all aspects of life, I can’t stay quiet about MeInFrontOfComputer this any more. . Every home that has essential oils is equipped with resources and a multitude of options to support their family physically, emotionally and spiritually. .

And the best part of all of this is that I am helping people with their health and wellness, I get to learn new things every day, And have tons of fun doing it . A bonus benefit, I get to help others get financial freedom as well – how cool is that.

If you have been on the sidelines afraid to ask, now is the time. Send me a message or call me and I will help you get started on this amazing journey. . Most importantly, you will be my priority because this is now the full scope of my job … and I love it!


Educational Series #2

Like I mentioned before, I am doing an educational series for my newsletter followers.. I thought you all might enjoy reading it too.

Dear Friends,
How are you? Hope you had fun with the last newsletter in starting to swap off chemicals in your home. We are going to continue to talk about replacing every chemical in your home with non toxic items that actually work. This month, we are going to talk personal care products – divided into this month and the next as there is so much to cover

But before we do that, let’s cover some basics about Essential Oils..

So, what the heck are oils anyways and why do I need them?

  • They are the most powerful part of the plant.
  • Just like your blood clots cuts and oxegenates your cells and detoxes the body, oils do the same for the plant.
  • They are the movers and shakers of the plant that photosynthesize, work through trauma and energize. They can do similar things in the human body.
  • They support all the body systems – skeletal, muscular, endocrine, respiratory, immune system.
  • They support brain health and healthy weight and for spiritual upliftment.
  • An oil in a diffuser can soothe a child’s tough day at school, provide a calming effect when you have had a stressful day at work, can help you focus and concentrate.
  • Oils can be used to replace EVERY SINGLE chemical in your home. You can literally swap out windex, pine sol, bleach, toilet cleaner with 1 bottle of Thieves cleaner and live a purer lifestyle without breaking the bank.

In my home, I use oils and oils infused products it for everything ranging from sanitizing the grocery cart, boosting our immune system, sunscreen, insect repellent, make up, personal care products like soaps and shampoos, in my supplements

Why? Because oils and oils infused products don’t contain the extra yuck and toxins that most household products have. Did you know that 26 sec after exposure, chemicals are found in measurable amounts in the human body?

The skin is the largest organ and will absorb everything that it comes in contact with. The average woman applies 300 chemicals to her body in a day all from 4 items Soap, Shampoo, Make up and Hair care, hence non toxic personal care products are super important to use.

See this short video on “The Story Of Personal Care Products”Remember that an oil infused supplement is much better for the body than one without.

Join me and learn alongside so many of us committed to natural ways of living – the age old saying “Health is Wealth” . I am so excited to share some phenomenal information with all of you.  Do remember that “For every oil that you use, that is a chemical you are not using”

Make Up

Believe it or not, I am actually going to start with make up. All of you who know me, I barely wear any make up, may be an occasional eye liner. Years ago, I ditched it as I could not find anything that was not laden with toxic chemicals. Even more natural ones would make my skin break out. So I just quit. For most families who are diligent about ‘clean living’, make up is the last one to change as there are very few non toxic make up products out there.


Why? Guys, Young Living just launched a whole line of all natural mineral make up called ” Savvy Minerals” that is completely free of toxic chemicals. It is phenomenal.

I have a blog post on FAQ’s about Savvy minerals to help address questions including price comparison  since it is a lot to cover in this newsletter.

If you have tried it, do share your before and after pictures for fun :)

Sun Screen

Oh! the good old sunscreen talk !!!! This has given me so much anxiety over the years because I could never find one that was devoid of toxic chemicals.

Environmental Working Group ( EWG) has detailed information on how to select a good sunscreen.  It is really worrisome to find so many chemicals and  hormone disruptors like oxybenzone and retinyl palmate that can cause harm to the skin in most popular sunscreens out there. They share that mineral based sunscreens using zinc oxide are quite effective. And they talk about how higher SPF’s are not necessarily better and can often be misleading. In fact, high SPF sunscreens increases the risk of skin cancer. The ever popular sprays these days pose the threat of being inhaled and not providing enough coating on the skin.

These are the main reasons I started making my own when my son was born 3.5 years ago. And once again, Young Living has come to the rescue. Their new mineral based sunscreen is awesome.

I mean, take a look at the ingredients – non nano zinc oxide so that your skin will not absorb it and yet provide protection that you need. It is vegetarian, not tested on animals though not vegan as it contains bees wax.

Only plant and mineral based ingredients and offering protection for both UVA and UVB rays.

Don’t be fooled by SPF 10. All it means is that you have to reapply after 80 min of being out. It is clinically proven to be resistant to water and sweat. You will NEVER look at another sunscreen after trying this out.

Insect Repellent

If you love the outdoors like me, you probably are also concerned about the critters that inhibit enjoying being out. When I started researching bug repellents in the market, I was mortified to see that the only choice of an effective one was the one with deet. It is again a controversial topic.

Having children has made me a lot more cautious of chemicals and deet is one of them. I would rather not take a chance than test it out only to have serious consequences.

Since I did not find an effective ‘all natural’ outdoor spray, I made my own using my trusted oils. And I have to say that it has worked well for us – I do have to use it very often though which can be a pain.

But, I am so excited to say that once again Young Living has outdid itself. They just released a new ‘all natural’ clinically tested Bug Repellent.
And as with most of Young Living’s products, you only need a tiny amount for it to do the work. It is completely plant based so vegan. A bottle will last you the whole season.

If you would like to learn more, see this short video on all these products.


Did you know that the FDA has now banned Triclosan, an ingredient often found in antibaterial soaps and many toothpaste. Dr Mercola has an interesting article on ” Is your toothpaste loaded with toxins?” Many toothpastes contain harmful and potentially carcinogenic ingredients.

So, I would highly recommend switching over to clean toothpaste like Thieves which has no sulfates, dyes, artificial colors, fluorides OR you could make your own – lot more cumbersome.but a better option than many of the popular brands.

YL makes 4 different types of toothpaste including one for children called Kidsscent. They are all free of sulfate, fluoride, artificial flavors, dyes.

Another fantastic use of the Thieves toothpaste is something that you will never guess. It can be used as a deodorant. What???? Yes, take a tiny dime size and rub under your arms for an all natural deodorant. Try it, really, I am not joking.


Talking about deodorants. It is better to use deodorant to antiperspirants as most antiperspirants in the market contains aluminum and parabens. Aluminum plugs the ducts often causing build up of breast tissue in women and interfere with estrogen receptors.

So, check the ingredients in your product if you are using one. Use natural deo’s like Thieves toothpaste or follow this simple recipe take from HomeMade Mommy’s website.

  • 6 Tbsp Arrowroot Powder
  • 3 Tbsp shea butter
  • 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 1 Tbsp baking soda
  • 2 Tbsp Bentonite Clay
  • 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice (I used Purification essential oil blend because it neutralizes odors)


Add the shea butter and coconut oil to a stand mixer and whip it until incorporated. Turn down to low and slowly pour in the essential oil.

Meanwhile, in a separate small bowl, mix together your dry ingredients.

With your stand mixer on low, add 1/3 of your dry ingredients. Mix until incorporated and push down the sides as necessary. Then add another third of your dry ingredients and mix until incorporated. Then add the last of your dry ingredients. You should now have what appears to be little bits of dough in the bowl. Scoop the mixture out and roll into a ball like you are working with play dough. Then press into an airtight 2 ounce glass jar and store away from direct sunlight.

Apply a tiny pea sized amount to both underarms for all day protection. I also carry some in a tiny container in my purse for days when I really need to re-apply midday.

Or just get Young Living’s Meadow Mist or Mountain Mint Aromaguard


I am thrilled to say that the Center For Arts at the Armory has invited me to do a series of classes. Please refer to my website for the description of the upcoming classes
We are doing classes on the following topics

1. Maintaining A Healthy Weight
2. Chemical Free Home
3. Essential Oils for Stress and Emotional Upheaval.

In addition, I have three classes scheduled on “Life Make Over With Essential Oils” on July 9th, 16th and 30th. Check my website for details.  If you are inviting any of your friends and family to these classes, please make sure to tell me, so I can take extra care of them + I would like to ‘Thank You’ for the referral.

Lastly, but not least, if you would like to host a class in your home, out in the park or my house, or in a coffee shop, please do contact me. There are many perks to hosting a class or referring people to the class – from sharing the love of living naturally to getting your oils for free.

As always, I am here in service. If there is anything I can do for any of you, please do let me know. Stay tuned for the next newsletter which is going to be able personal care.

With love, blessings and gratitude


Baby Care Line – Seedlings

We have lived a natural lifestyle for a long time. But I never could find baby care products that satisfied my very anal label reading mind. As you can tell, I am so in love with Young Living products but I always wished that they would make an exclusive baby line. AND they satisfied that need by coming out with the Seedling line

OMG! I am one happy mama as I now have an option to use toxin free sunscreen, and diaper rash cream & wipes because Young Living has now introduced an oil infused chemical free baby care line that is free of carcinogens and hormone disruptors. All the products are free of chlorine, alcohol, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic dyes. It is vegan and not tested on animals. It can be safely used on newborns as well.


The entire seedling line has been dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic as well.
SeedlingLine2  This is fantastic as it is made with Murumuru butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, calendula extract, annatto oil, apple extract, and Lavender essential oil. You can read more about it here. Not only that, it is non greasy – I personally don’t like greasy lotions and this is just perfect.
And guess what, it is great for the whole family as it is fantastic for people with sensitive skin.
If you are like me, you probably will want to look up every single ingredient and I am really happy to say that there is nothing in it that I would not put on my own children, so be assured.




This is fantastic for massages, such an integral part of having a baby. It is already infused with essential oils so you don’t have to add more to it. It is great for soothing and nourishing your baby’s soft skin.

To read and learn more, click here

And it is non greasy as well. It smells delicious and is devoid of toxic chemicals.



This is specifically for an infant’s sensitive hair and skin. It is tear and sulfate free. My baby’s hair and skin often gets dry after washing. With this shampoo and wash, it leaves it without over drying. Such a plus.

The smell of the wonderful oils in this is so soothing. Read more here.



Both my babes were sensitive to even the natural wipes out in the market. So, I was delighted to see these released by Young Living.

I have been using this on my 5 month old and am so happy with the end result. The wipes are soft and thick and easy to use. Not only are they great for baby butt, but also to wipe their face, hands, any messes and hey for you as a parent as well – to clean make up, baby messes on your person.

You can read more about it here.


How can we talk wipes without talking about diaper rash.This thick, Lavender-scented cream reduces the duration and severity of diaper rash when applied at the first sign of redness. It soothes on contact, protects your baby’s delicate skin, and acts as a physical barrier to wetness.

What I was super happy about was the fact that this has non nano zinc oxide so your baby’s tender tush will not absorb it but still get the protection from it. It is so mild that it is safe for your infant and newborn.


As always, if you are Interested in getting started with learning more about essential oils and begin your journey to health and wellness with Young Living… Contact me. I am happy to do a one on one session to walk you through them either in person or via phone or video chat. Or you can come to one of my classes if you are local in the Boston area.

Remember that Young Living is a wellness company committed to giving you a chemical free lifestyle. They carry over 400 oils and oil infused products. So every oil that you are using is a chemical that you are not using.

The best way to get started with Young Living is by getting the Premium Starter Kit which is the only thing on YL website that is 1/2 off.  You will be getting 11 oils + oil samples + NingXia Red samples + Diffuser ( can’t enjoy the oils with out the diffuser :-) ) Don’t worry – we will walk you through using each of these oils and you WILL be using every single oil in here.

If you are  ready to get started with Young Living and join my team, you can do so from here.

If you still would like to individually purchase the oils or any product, you can do so from here

In either case, we welcome you whole heartedly to our team.






All of you who have children know how taxing the first few months can be for parents. Adding a 3 FullSizeRender (3) year old to mix is a recipe for energy depletion. It has prompted me to take extra care of myself to help with energy.

There are a few things that I use every day

Lemon Essential Oil in my water every day. This keeps my body cleansed and energized every day. print-lemon

En-R-Gee Essential Oil – I use En-R-Gee every day, especially in the afternoon

FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (2) I apply it on my wrists and my temples. It is a blend of different oils that is made by Young Living. It is also awesome to diffuse. It is uplifting without the caffeine, which I cannot tolerate. You can see a NingXia Red bottle in the background  :-)

NingXia Red – What can I say about NingXia Red. You know my obsession with NingXia Red. This is a drink that we have every day. Just 1-2 oz is all that is needed to keep your immune system well, keep energy level up and maintain over all wellness. It is a drink infused with essential oils that is just amazing.



NingXia Nitro – NingXia Nitro is a supplement made by Young Living that I take as my afternoon pick me up. It gives me the ability to concentrate, have energy without the back lash that caffeine often has. Here is more information and the ingredients in it.


Love my NingXia Nitro 😛

Young Living is more than just an Essential Oils company. The amazing essential oils infused supplements, ‘clean’ household products allows people like me to have a household with no toxins and chemical free.

As always, if you are Interested in getting started with learning more about essential oils and begin your journey to health and wellness with Young Living… Contact me. I am happy to do a one on one session to walk you through them either in person or via phone or video chat. Or you can come to one of my classes if you are local in the Boston area.

If you are  ready to get started with Young Living and join my team, you can do so from here.