Abundance is on my mind and I wanted to share a few things that I do to stay in alignment with attracting wealth and abundance…because no matter where we are in life, we could all use ‘more money’ right!!!

Because we are all vibrational beings, being in alignment with wealth is very important.

So, what can you do to be in ‘Alignment’?

 Meditate and Visualize – It is pretty much my solution for everything… . Money is just energy and there is plenty of it available to all of us. There is no one pie in the sky..

Oils – We have a gold mine in the form of ABUNDANCE essential oil. It has been formulated specifically to attract abundance in your life. Applications in the comment section.

Use RELEASE Essential Oil before applying abundance to release any old patterns that are stopping you Release from attracting abundance.

 Work through your ‘Mind Sh.t’ – Mind is so powerful. Watch what beliefs you are actively carrying – “I don’t have enough” ” I will never be able to make that kind of money”. Those beliefs will hold you back in attracting abundance. Some of it steeps from deep old patterns.

Have Gratitude for your current situation and Clean out your Money center / Carrier center in your home. When you appreciate what you have, you will get more. The law of attraction. More in the comments.

 Keep records of where you spend and trim the fat. $5 tea latte 5 days a week = $100 a month. I am going to leave it at that.


Plant Based Annoyance Free Outdoors

So, Anish has been at Mass Audubon out door camp all week. And of course, the first thought when I signed him up was about the tiny bugs that we are supposed to cohabit with  🙄  I am extra cautious especially having watched one of my close friends be sick for so many years. Who knew these tiny bugs can cause such havoc 😖  right!!!! .

I added this  # plantbased  ‘Insect Repellent’ to my essential oils outdoor spray to drop kick the little pests  🚫 satisfying my love for  # nontoxic  products, protecting my child and being cost effective.  # deetfree   # youngliving # essentialoils   # ancientwisdom

Video of us in action in the comments 


Scratchy Throat

Here is what I do when I have a scratchy throat…

Ningxia red
Inner Defense
Life 9
Immu Pro
Thieves cough drop

In addition, I highly recommend seeing an acupuncturist on a regular basis.


Baby Care

I was secretly hoping that Young Living would come up with its own baby line and THEY DID last year – BabyProducts-YL The Seedling Line is the best. And with Anaya, we were so good to go. It is just amazing. If you have never tried it, please do… Their wipes, diaper rash cream are the best to name a couple.

You can read all about it here..

Perfect in time for our Ditch and Switch challenge.


Ditch And Switch Spring Cleaning Challenge

I am doing a ‘Spring Cleaning’ Challenge or switch to safer product series for the next three months with my ‘oily group’.  I thought of sharing that here as well.

I am on a mission to de-clutter my home. And, I have been going at it 1/4th corner at a time. So much more doable.

This also gave me the idea of doing the DITCH AND SWITCH SPRING CLEANING CHALLENGE. It can be overwhelming to think about changing household products in your home. This challenge ALLOWS you to do it bit by bit and save money in the process by being on Essential Rewards…..

You should all have gotten a letter by now regarding this…Please follow the instructions on how to qualify..( for my oily team) 

This challenge should actually be called “Switch to Safer Challenge” as my friend Angela puts it. Because that is what this is – switching over to safer products.

Why is using ‘cleaner, safer’ household products important?

Did you know that the EPA reported that toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than air pollution!! So scary. ⠀⠀
But knowledge is power and in this day and age we have loads of tools to help us recognize what is safe or toxic. You do not need to be a scientist and research every ingredient, just do some research. The Think Dirty app is useful. This app is perfect for busy people like us! It helps you to be aware of the ingredients in your everyday products, it breaks your ingredients down into 3 sections.

First: the top rated carcinogenic ingredients

Second: ingredients that negatively affect developmental & reproductive toxicity

Third: ingredients that cause allergies & auto-immune responses

And scores the product according to how toxic it is. 0-2 for neutral, 3-6 for half n’half and 7+ for dirty.

Over the course of these next three months, we will show you how easy it is to start replacing your household products with ‘cleaner’ ones from Young Living

This Ditch and Switch Extravaganza will leave your home TOXIN FREE ( deep sigh!!!……Is there anything better than that)