Recently, I helped my friend Amanda host an Essential Oils home party at her home. I actually have a lot of fun introducing friends to EO’s in their home. It is very relaxed and everyone is just having  a good time. I made some home made vegan chocolate with Bergamot EO to take the party and also took a bottle of NingXia Red to share with everyone. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cool sip of NingXia on a hot day?


Here is a picture of my sweet pea licking the chocolate off the blender at my home as I was preparing it. Yes, I make the chocolate in a blender and stick it in the fridge. It is as simple as that. Recipe to follow in another blog.

I taught Amanda and a few of her fellow mom friends how to make lavender spray, discussed oils for immune boosting, and DIY home cleaning products. We enjoyed some lovely foods infused with EOs such as lemon bread, hummus, home made chocolate and seltzer water.

It was a lovely time for everyone including our kids who enjoyed making their own relaxing spray bottles.


For some reason, I had the rapt attention of these little ones  😉 I have seen over and over again that little people love oils. It is very empowering when my kiddo asks for Lavender EO when he falls down while playing. They have a homing instinct towards wellness in a way that we adults seem to have lost.

I actually like it when children are present. I think it is a gift to them to see the most influential people in their lives modeling self care techniques that lead towards health and wellbeing.

Here is a picture that Amanda took of Lavender spray bottles that the kiddos made. Aren’t the stickers just adorable?


If you are local, would you like to host a home party in your own home? Let me know and I’ll be happy to help you organize one. It’s fabulous fun for moms and kids alike, a great way to share the knowledge of EOs with other families.

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