martin-luther-king-jr-quotes That to me is Courage. I often struggle with ‘Courage’ these days. My whole career for the last 16 years has been focussed on working with people one on one. Starting Harmony and Vitality required ‘Courage’ for me as it meant being out in public with my views and opinions.

Almost everyday since I first started this company, I have gone to my husband asking him for words of encouragement as doing this work has forced me to face my fears and challenges like never before. His words and support have encouraged me to go on.

He often reminds me of my ‘ Why ‘. This is the first time I am writing this in public, so thanks for being a part of this. My ‘ Why ‘ is to bring health and wellness to every household, to every person that I meet, to touch the lives of all that I encounter everyday. It is to empower people to not only take charge but also to educate about the ease of swapping household goods for practical & sustainable wellness. My ‘ Why ‘ is to bring them opportunities to attain financial freedom.

And this requires me to be ‘out there’ in the world bringing the message across. I am not a public speaker – I have never been. I call on the guidance of the universe to show me my next step, to show me how to reach people. Often, I have no clue or idea where to go next but always, the next step shows up. Sometimes, not in the timeline I have in mind, and therefore requires me to trust and have faith.

I always have an oil that supports me through my journey . Believe EO is one of them. When I apply oils, I often set intentions. I apply Believe on my forehead and my brain stem. believe-oil

I will intentionally release any emotions that are not serving me and invite in Belief, Trust and Faith in my journey. And it works. Believe EO is a blend. You can read more about it here.


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