How does rejection hold you from living a life of Freedom?

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Relationship and Time

Breach in connection often causes arguments.
Simple Solution – Compound effect of small connections – a hug that lasts more than 15 sec, a proper kiss, staying present with your partner.
Nurturing your relationship every single day.
1 min undivided attention goes longer than 10 min of distracted connection.
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Why I added Young Living to my income stream


My mission is to simplify healthy living – mind, body, soul, relationships, having a non toxic household – anything that contributes to living a life of freedom and choice.

This deeper calling of serving at a global scale is beyond me. I am speaking to a global resonance of helping our species and helping Mother Earth.

Young Living was an easy choice 5 years ago. Being a wellness company, their products support all those aspects mentioned above without compromising Mother Earth.

You may wonder how Young Living can help with financial freedom. When you join Young Living, you automatically get the opportunity to start a business. This is optional but such a great opportunity.

I had no desire to add a business to my life. Plus, I thought I had to sell to make things happen. Luckily, I got plugged into a great team which totally helped with that. And I have createda system for my group as well.

Plugging Young Living into whatever you are doing currently as a profession is so easy. That is where I come in.

Here are my main resons for starting my business
1. I get to help people and serve at a higher level not only helping them create a life of wellness but also a life of abundance.

2. I get to have fun and learn on the job

3. Biggest personal reason – no more trading time for money. I did not get paid when I did not show up for work when I was sick.

Big question – what will you do with extra money that you have? Pay for your child’d college education? Contribute to your favorite charity.

For me- I have a mission of ‘cleaning out plastic’ from the ocean. Very big – but that is one of my lofty goals in this lifetime.

TWO ways you can join me
1. Get started with your non toxic lifestyle by getting started with your oils. I am here to mentor you and support you on this journey. PM or comment for more information.

2. I have two slots open for one on one mentoring. It is by application ONLY. I am looking for committed strong people who are willing to go the mile to make their dreams a reality. PM / comment for more info….

Ask Padma

Ask Padma :)

Given how popular Wellness Wednesdays are becoming, I am starting a new series called “Ask Padma“. This is a live Q and A with me where you can ask me any question about living healthy you want in real time. This can be about relationships, mind, body, connection with the divine, finance, products…

People ask me so many questions about how to live a non toxic lifestyle. So I thought if starting this.

Here is the first…About Sunscreen.

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Happy 4th

20 years ago, this Bright eyed Indian girl stepped out of a plane from India all excited to start her Masters program in Counseling Psychology in San Francisco. It is sweet to think how naive she was.

It is strange that I never felt or saw myself as an Immigrant. America has always felt like home to me. But I MeAnd Asad-1998 often wonder why I got the this opportunity to call this country home and why others are denied of possibly the only thing that might give them hope.

Was it because I had resources, that I was educated, I had safety of another country to call my home. What if I didn’t? Would I be one of those mothers hoping that her child is safe somewhere.

Answers I don’t have. My heart continues to ache for the world that we live in.

However, I am immensely grateful to call this country my home, grateful to all the people who treated me well and never made me feel less than because I had a different skin color or because I spoke with an accent, grateful that my children will have opportunities that can’t be imagined. Beyond anything, I am grateful to never take freedom for granted. Happy 4th.

Photo taken – Sep 1998 – Yup, I met Asad in Aug of that year and we have been together ever since… Love this man so much. And I used to eat cake back then. Sigh…..