We recently had our second child. As with the first, I opted for a planned Home Birth. Home birth is not well known but it is a great option for women especially older women like me who want unmedicated births and less intervention. You can read more on HomeBirths here.

Anyways, this post is about the essential oils that I used during the birth. I had been using essential oils throughout pregnancy. You can read more about what oils are best suited for pregnancy here.

My friend Angela was there during birth and she is also an oiler so she was familiar with the oils to be used. In any case, I gave her a cheat sheet with all the information needed for that.

Anaya1 I had them lined up at the end tables in my bedroom. My favorites that I asked her to use on my back were Valor ( yes, I had saved a bottle of Valor just for this 😆 ) and Ortho Sport massage oil. I also had Surrender, Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender around which I had asked her to use as needed. I had NingXia Nitro ready for my caregivers as I had no idea how long labor would be.

En-R-Gee, Orange EO was to be put in my bottle of water for extra boost. I had the diffuser going on with Harmony in it. I had Helichrysum ready for its liquid stitches property. And Sacred Frankincense and Myrrh diluted with V-6 carrier oil ready to anoint the baby as she made her appearance.

So this is how it all played out. My labor was hard and long. It started on Sunday morning but nothing was consistent and by the time Tues evening rolled around, I was convinced that it was just in my head. Finally, by Tues night around 10:30 pm, the contractions became significant enough to call my midwives and my friend Angela.

Anaya5 Angela started by applying valor on my back. Then as I transitioned, she started applying Ortho Sport massage oil as well. It was so soothing. Periodically, she would apply Frankincense and other emotional release oils as the labor got intense.

At some point because the labor was so intense, I started loosing strength to stand up. That is when my sweet husband had the brilliant idea of giving me NingXia Nitro. It was so amazingly helpful to give me the boost of energy that I needed. He gave it to me twice that night and it was perfect. Even though I had not intended to take it during labor, it was one of the things that helped me get through labor.

I also kept sipping water spiked with Orange EO which kept nausea at bay.

Anaya2 Finally, when it was time to push, more oils on my back and abdomen. As our daughter came through, Angela applied the pre diluted mixture of carrier oil with Frankincense and Myrrh. Here is the baby minutes after she was born with a bottle of Myrrh sitting next to her.

The smell of a newborn in combination with Frankincense and Myrrh is intoxicating  😉

I did tear a little, so I have been spraying Clara Derm Spray pretty much every couple of hours since she was born which has healed the tear. It is a wonderful product which has Helichrysum, Frankincense, Lavender and Myrrh mixed with Fractionated coconut oil. I had also been using it on my stretched out tummy during pregnancy to help with itchy skin.

Anaya6 Here is Angela with the baby.

A huge shout out to Peppermint EO. I had trouble with the first pregnancy in peeing after birth. This time I dropped a few drops of Peppermint to the toilet bowl and kept smelling Peppermint directly from the bottle. It helped to pee after birth. A must have for mamas.

I also started applying Geranium and Jasmine to the belly to help tone the Uterus after birth.

Other invaluable products are Progessence Plus Serum and NingXia Red. Progessence Plus Serum is fabulous to use that after birth to balance out hormones. NingXia Red helps to bring back balance to the body and also help with postpartum care.

Diffusing Thieves and Purification and Citrus oils has been very useful especially when you have a constant stream of visitors. Thieves waterless purifier is another must when you have visitors.

I also mixed some coconut oil with a drop of Gentle Babies, Frankincense and Lavender in a small jar to out on the baby’s skin as she goes through the process of shedding her inutero skin.


If you need more information about using Essential Oils during pregnancy, childbirth and post birth, please do contact me. I am happy to do a one on one session to walk you through them either in person or via phone or video chat.

If you would like to get started with Young Living, you can do so from here

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