Are All Essential Oils Created The Same?


I often get asked why can’t I buy Essential Oils from the local market or why do I have to pay 20 something $ for a bottle of Lavender instead of $9.99. Read on…..

The Essential Oils industry is one of the most fast growing ones and is expected to double in the next 5 years. It is supposed to reach a $50 Billion mark by the year 2020.

Why is it gaining so much popularity? Because people like you and me are demanding healthy toxin free products and see the benefits of essential oils. So, ofcourse everyone wants to jump into the band wagon. Why? to make $ ofcourse…But is the company on the right really meeting the needs of the consumer by providing a cheap $9.99 bottle of EO and claiming that it is good.

Here is what Nicole Dodge, a fellow oiler wrote about that..The picture is also taken by her…

How do you get a $9.99 bottle of essential oil? One of two ways:

1. Buy plants from farmers on the cheap. Which begs the question: how do you get cheap plants? Just ask your local farmer: Spray them with chemicals to keep bugs off and weeds away so you don’t have to pay people to tend the fields (exactly why I love our local organic farmers!! It is a labor of love!!)

2. Dump chemicals into the still during distillation (the process where you get the oils out of the plants) to speed up the time it takes to get the oils out of the plants. Time = money. Unfortunately for the companies that do this, they don’t realize that essential oil distillation is a science, and without the science, you can actually harm the heck out of people’s bodies. (How do you know, Nicole?? Well, I’ve seen it first-hand.)

This is your Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the year. Don’t waste your money or risk your health. Young Living is the *only* essential oil company that owns its own farms and partners with trusted growers. They are the only ones that control the process from the seed to the bottle. They are the only company with over 20 years of experience with essential oils. They don’t really have competitors because literally no one else comes *close* to this sort of knowledge when producing oils.

So this is your PSA–when you are ready for oils, save yourself the time, frustration, and energy. YL is the best stuff on the planet. And as for those diffusers. Company on the right, if I need a pillow, maybe I will call you. But leave my essential oils outta this relationship

Please read and see the Seed to Seal Process with your own two eyes. I refuse to put any other oils on my the body’s of my family and on myself especially while pregnant. Young Living is a life Style company and it stands for its standard of products. It has changed our lives and it will change yours as well. Are you willing to come on this journey of wellness and health with me?

I can show you how to get started and get 11 oils, a free high quality diffuser all for just $160. A total retail value of over $300 for just $160. Send me a message and I will get you started.