Work Survival Kit

For all you folks working in and out of the home including Stay at home moms ( who in my opinion never get a break from working), these 10 must haves are amazing to get through the day. Work survival kit

Let’s start with the oils

highest-potential-microcompliant Highest Potential EO : This is a fabulous uplifting oil blend to enhance confidence and get through your day with focus and courage. It also helps to balance emotions especially work with frustration, anger and fears.









Brain Power EO : This is a must have to help bring focus and mental clarity. This blend is uplifting and energizing. It is very high in sesquiterpenes, making it a valuable for bring in extra oxygen to the brain. It also helps with reducing nervous energy and fatigue + helps having more clarity. Motivation


Motivation EO: This blend is fabulous for procrastination and fear. When it is hard to stay focused and you have a lot to get done, use this oil. I often will apply it on my brain stem. It helps overcome resistance, disappointment, fatigue, boredom and avoidance.






Stress Away: I can’t say enough about Stress Away EO. This is great to leave any kind of stress behind. It helps relax and focus, we all know that when we feel anxious it is hard to focus. Using this oil helps work with the stresses of day to day difficulties. It helps calming the nervous system, relaxes the mind when feeling restles StressAway s, brings a sense of calm when there is anger. Also aids sleep at night.






NingXia Nitro: This is a shot made from wolfberries + green tea etc. Nitro has been my savior these days when I am so sleep deprived having an infant and a preschooler to take care of + the usual demands of life. This brings amazing focus and clarity and energy without the crash that caffeine often brings. It lifts brain fog and brings in alertness instead. My husband loves this before a meeting or a presentation. It is also great to beat jet lag.

Slique bar




Slique Bars: These are great for healthy snacking. Sweetened only with honey, it is a great way to get energy in without the extra sugar. It gives you the energy boost needed without eating junk.




ThievesMint Thieves Mint: We have all had those moments when our breath requires freshness. Not only is it toxic chemical free, it is also free of sugars which can be bad for your teeth and gums. It is also great for the immune system as it has the proprietary blend of the Thieves formula. This is a great alternative from the store bought breath fresheners  which often have toxic chemicals in them.


USB Diffuser



USB Diffuser: This is a great way to diffuse on the go. It is easy to use with your lap top, the car, office or when you are on the road. Not only is it mobile and compact, it is also silent. It helps purify the air. Great addition for the office where you might be exposed to chemicals. You can diffuse any of the oils stated above to help you get through the day.


Thieves Wipes: Lastly, don’t forget your Thieves wipes to clean your work space chemical free. Our skin

ThievesWipes is the largest organ and will absorb any chemicals we come in contact with. Keeping your work space clean using non toxic cleaners like Thieves wipes is a great way to minimize exposure to free radicals.






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Oils For Everything – Welcoming 2017

You know when they say there is an oil for everything, there is an oil for everything. That includes for the vision you want to create for the upcoming year. Emotional release or transforming oils are a big part of my day to day routine. I, especially love them probably because I am a therapist and see the impact of it on my clients when they use it in my office or when I use it on myself.

A few days ago, my husband and I decided to do something different on our bi-monthly date night. These date nights have been wonderful for our relationship as it gives us time to reevaluate what needs attention in our life. Yesterday, we decided that we needed to do a Vision Board for our life – individually and together. To do that, we started to write down the different categories in our lives that will need attention especially with a new baby coming. Setting a foundation for inviting something different is such IMG_0507 an important piece of growth and development.

So, we started talking about our goals, vision and dreams for our lives in 2017. It was so much fun dreaming together. Ofcourse, we had to start by applying Envision EO, a blend that Young Living makes before we started.

We divided up our life into 6 categories inspired by Oola.  Our categories were Family, Career, Finance, Spirituality, Health and Fun. It is definitely going to be an ongoing process but dreaming together as a couple is such an important aspect of growth.

Don’t they say that dreaming is the first step to achieving your goal. When your vision feels impossible to achieve, that is when you know you are on to something. I love that.

Other oils that would be good to use in case this inspires you to do this either on your own or with your spouse are

Abundance, Release, Transformation, Into the Future, Surrender, Motivation, Magnify Your Purpose, Gratitude, Live Your Passion to name a few.

Abundance When ever I use an oil, I always set an intention for what I am using it for. I love applying Abundance every day and setting an intention for abundance in all areas in our lives. Abundance is not just for material things, but can be for having more patience, more kindness in your life – what ever you want abundance for… SurrenderGraphic



Surrender and Gratitude go hand in hand. Life without gratefulness is meaningless. I will often apply Surrender and Gratitude to my heart center.




“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend” By Melody Beattie




Magnify Your Purpose is a good one to apply on your third eye and brain stem and ask the universe to reveal your purpose in life. Everyone is born with gifts that the world can benefit from. Asking for guidance for something like that is very helpful.

I would highly encourage you to read more about each of these oils.

If you need help in getting started with using Essential Oils, please contact me.

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