Natural Bug Repellent

Do you love the outdoors but hate the bugs. Not only are bugs annoying, but they can be potentially dangerous for our health like west nile virus, the infamous lyme….Are you concerned about the chemicals found in the popular insect repellents in the market, esp DEET. Don’t know whether they are good for you or not. 


Here is the bottom line – Deet is there in those insect repellents because it works. But I personally will not use it as it has been linked to neurological effects like seizures, skin irritation, eye irritation, Esp exposing my kiddos to these things – a big no.


But you have to weigh your options – are you going back packing in the country and the chances of encountering bugs  that can be potentially dangerous for your health – keep this as a stand by.


Any chemicals – my tendency is to avoid it, but if you are in the deep woods, healthy lifestyle, toxic load is low – so ok to use if you need to.



BUT there are alternatives and using the alternative often is the best way to start, esp for children. I love my essential oils based insect repellent. I use YL oils and I use the insect repellent that is pre made.


This is how I do it, You are welcome to try just this one if you want.



Plant Based Annoyance Free Outdoors

So, Anish has been at Mass Audubon out door camp all week. And of course, the first thought when I signed him up was about the tiny bugs that we are supposed to cohabit with  🙄  I am extra cautious especially having watched one of my close friends be sick for so many years. Who knew these tiny bugs can cause such havoc 😖  right!!!! .

I added this  # plantbased  ‘Insect Repellent’ to my essential oils outdoor spray to drop kick the little pests  🚫 satisfying my love for  # nontoxic  products, protecting my child and being cost effective.  # deetfree   # youngliving # essentialoils   # ancientwisdom

Video of us in action in the comments 


Kitchen Products

Spring Cleaning in ThievesDishSoapImage  the Kitchen and Bathroom

Thieves Dish Soap and Thieves Dishwashing Detergent 

Thieves Dish soap -It is very concentrated, so I tend to dilute it half with water. I will hop on live sometime today to show you what I do. But can I just say, it works really well.

Have you ever wondered why YL household products including the dish soap, shampoos, household cleaners produce no suds..

Nerd talk
There are a couple of good reasons for no suds: 1) essential oils change the surface tension of bubbles, making them more likely to pop, and 2) most bubbles you find in liquid soaps are a byproduct of SLS or Sodium Laureth Sulphate.

SLS is a known ocular irritant, dermal irritant, can be absorbed across the skin, and may also be associated with hair loss and aquatic toxicity. Therefore YL chose to exclude it from their products.
So, take a tip from me: skip the bubbles. They mean nothing for the cleansing power of the pr 14 - Thieves with Thieves Line oduct.

Dishwasher Detergent – Honestly, it is going to require some getting used to. You have to scrub the dishes a little bit before putting it in the dishwasher. My hubs is not happy with it. But I refuse to compromise on residue, so we continue to bicker about it. I just take the extra time to scrub it and after I played with it a bit, it is much better