I have a hard time relaxing. Not something I am proud of but I have a tendency to keep going and going…. And since yesterday, my body said “enough is enough, I am done, I am not moving” probably because of all the stress. So, I gave in and decided to do nothing all day today even though I was kind of forced into it. It has been a long long time since I last fell sick. In a weird way, I am grateful as I got to stay in bed, take a luxurious bath and meditate. And the view is not bad either 😉
What do you do to take breaks in your life?
Initiation By Fire card

Leap and The Net Will Appear

Sometimes it feels like I just have to jump off the cliff and something will show up that will make my path clear. Boy, it is scary though. This year, I feel like I have jumped off so many cliffs and the path is yet to become fully clear. But it also feels like there is no other choice and you just have to do it, right!!!! Somehow it feels as though if I show my courage and light, it will allow others to #shinetheirlight.
This card is “Initiation By Fire” – and even though it is scary, it feels just right!!!! Try it, you all. Take the next step towards your dream with courage – ” Leap And The Net Will Appear”

Unboxing my Wellness Box

Here is why I get the subscription box from Young Living. I call it my Health Investment Box as that is exactly what it is…

  1. Living healthy is a lifestyle commitment
  2. Young Living makes it incredibly easy to support your health by giving you money back and freeeee stuff
  3. It is the easiest way to change out toxic chemicals in your home without having to spend tons of $$

Here is what I got this month

Thieves Hand foaming soap
Thieves Dishwasher detergent
Kids Scents Lotion
Sensation Hand and Body lotion
Essentialzymes 4
Life 9 probiotics
Insect Repellent
Sunscreen Lotion
Thieves mints
Progessence PLus and Thyromin

Tea Tree


Scratchy Throat

Here is what I do when I have a scratchy throat…

Ningxia red
Inner Defense
Life 9
Immu Pro
Thieves cough drop

In addition, I highly recommend seeing an acupuncturist on a regular basis.