Easy Recipes for Use Before School

Crowd Spray

7 Drops Thyme Crowd Spray
10 Drops Geranium
5 Drops Peppermint
20 Drops Melrose
2 or 3 oz Glass Spray Bottle
1/2 tsp Sea Salt or Epsom Salt

Add salt to the spray bottle. Add all the Young Living oils to the bottle. Mix well and then add the water. Shake well and it is ready to go. Spray from head to toe before heading out into crowded areas like school, mall, public transportation etc. You are armed, locked, loaded ready to go.




Immune Booster Roll On

1o Drops Th ImmuneBoosterRollOn ieves EO
10 Drops Oregano EO
10 Drops Lemongrass EO
10 Drops Melrose EO
10 Drops Lemon EO
10 ml Roll On Bottle
Almond Oil

Mix all the Young Living oils together and fill the rest of the bottle with Almond Oil. Use everyday before school. Just make sure to apply the roller bottle to an area that will be covered if you child is going to be out in the sun for long periods of time as this mix contains Lemon EO.


Room Spray


10 Drops Lavender EO
10 Drops Purification EO
1/2 tsp salt
2 /3 ml Spray Bottle

Add salt to the bottle before adding the Young Living oils. Mix well before adding water. This would be a good one to use after your children come back home or a great one to use if you are a teacher to spray in your classroom.









I cannot take credit for any of these recipes. These are some of the popular ones with Young Living users.

Thieves Spray

Travel Necessity – Thieves Spray

I recently read this article that my friend Amanda sent to me about items that make travel easy with a child / children. Guess what was one of the items recommended in the list. Yes, you guessed right, Thieves Spray ( #17).  :-)

Thieves Spray

This, my friend is something I never leave the home without. Not only can it be used to sanitize toilet seats ( much needed when your toddler is starting to use public toilets. I am still grossed out if he touches anything in the public toilet setting), door knobs, act as a room freshener, it is wonderful for any surface that needs a good shot of clean. Another plus to this is that it can serve as a mouth freshener if you need one or even soothe your throat ( just spray at the back of your mouth)

My husband who travels a ton has become a big fan on this and insists on carrying one with him at all times. That is the biggest testament one can ever get, given how right brained my husband is.

I carry this with me not only while traveling but also for our regular day to day outings to the park or pick up after day care. It is so easy to do a quick spray of the hands and toys after play. I love it as it is non toxic unlike the popular brands available in the market. CNN wrote an article on how hand sanitizers are not only toxic but can also affect the immune system.

Another article states how Triclosan, an ingredient found in hand sanitizers and anti bacterials soaps and many cosmetics can disrupt the endocrine functioning and may also cause breast cancer. For all these reason, please please do read labels before buying any product.

This is the main reason I choose YL products for my family as they are clean and completely non toxic.




Focus and Calming Essential Oils

1 Recently, I have been getting many requests from mamas inquiring about oils that can help school age children with focus and calming. So, I thought of writing something about it. Essential Oils are a source of viable support to the human body, mind and spirit. It does this by restoring natural function  without adverse side effects. It corrects and restores proper cellular memory and can be emotionally balancing.

Of course, this in combination with clean food and environment will be the ideal set up for restoring natural balance in the system. So, definitely look at gut health and diet while also using the oils to support the child.



Here are a few essential oils recipes for Focus and Calming
Focus Blend: Cedarwood, Lavender, Vetiver and Frankincense

Cedarwood EO – 15 drops
Lavender EO – 15 drops
Vetiver- 15 drops
Frankincense – 15 drops
Carrier Oil – 60 drops ( V-6, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil)

Roller Bottle – 1
Mix all in the roller bottle and apply on the temples, brain stem or big toe once a day or as needed. You can also diffuse this blend – just reduce the quantity to 2 drops each.

Other Diffuser Options:

Rosemary Rosemary EO – 3 Drops Lemongrass – 3 Drops

Calming Blends:

CalmingBlend You can apply these oils to your temples, wrists, behind the ears or the big toe. These oils are mild enough to apply directly with or without dilution.

So, in summary, here are some ways of using all the oils that I have listed above…

  1. Cedarwood, Vetiver and Lavender on the back of the neck, Brain Power on the temples and Peace & Calming at night
  2. Valor on the big toe, on the temples especially during test days.
  3. Focus Roller on the temples and back of the neck during the day. Lavender of Peace & Calming diffused at night.
  4. Diffusing Lemon and Peppermint for focus.
  5. Lavender, Vetiver and Cedarwood on the big toe.

As always, just a reminder that these are only my opinions and the only Essential Oils company that I trust enough to use on me and my precious family is Young Living.



Feb is often just known for Valentines day. But did you know that the less popular Groundhog’s day also comes in Feb. Groundhog’s day as represented in the 1993 movie has come to represent the ability to break old patterns so new productive ones can emerge.  This post was inspired by an event that my energy healing teacher Lorraine Goldbloom is doing  on releasing old stuck patterns that often hold one back.

Essential Oils are wonderful in helping move through stuck patterns and bring in amazing transformations. Being a therapist, I am often interested in finding ways to deepen the transformations and so this is something that is close to my heart.

I am going to talk about a few of the oils that I regularly use to move through difficult stuck patterns. When I use any of these oils, I will set an intention for what I am releasing and what I want to invite into the space that the release has created.

Release EO: Letting go of any emotions that are not serving you currently.

Release That my friend, in a nutshell is what Release does. It is a blend of Blue Tansy ( combats anger and negative emotions), Ylang Ylang (restores confidence ), Sandalwood ( is balancing), Lavandin (calming) and Geranium ( supports the nervous system). I will often apply Release at the end of my day to let go of anything that is not of service to me anymore.




Motivation EO: Moving through procrastination and fear.

Motivation Image We all have times and moments in our life where we can get nothing done. Motivation EO is a great oil to get going through those times. It helps to move through resistance and procrastination. It is often helpful with disappointment, life transitions, emotions that hinder growth, feeling stuck to name a few. I will apply a couple of drops to my wrists, temples & forehead, heart area.






Transformation EO: Empowers powerful replacement of negative beliefs with uplifting thoughts.  

TransformationEO It allows for release to happen at a cellular level. It is a great one to use when struggling with life transitions, grief and loss, confusion, emotional stress, negative thoughts and feelings, past / present trauma. When I become aware of a difficult issue or belief, I will apply this oil to my brain stem, deeply inhale it and invite in something that is more suited for my life.




Acceptance EO: Promotes acceptance of self and others, helps overcome procrastination and denial.

AcceptanceEO We all struggle with accepting something that we did not plan for in our life. And we all know that the more the resistance, the more it persists. So, the more easily we accept the plan of the universe, the easier it gets. Now, I know that it is not as easy as I write about it and this is where getting some extra help can be of such great support. Acceptance EO can be used for any difficult situation, issues related to abandonment, difficult emotions, anger, resentment. It helps move through the difficulties with more surrender.



Joy EO: Brings in harmony by creating a warm comforting environment.

Joy This is my perfume. I stopped wearing perfumes as I did not want more artificial toxins in my body. It smells divine. It creates balance and allows to release negative thoughts and beliefs. It helps with trauma or loss of any kind, discouragement and stress. It is one of my favorites.

Please do share your ways of transforming things that are not suiting your life anymore. Happy February…



lavender Laminate

Is Lavender Essential Oil A Hormone Disrupter?

And therefore is not safe to be used on little boys or children? That is the question that I was asked  when talking to a friend. It has come up a few times since then and so I thought of writing a blog about it.

The study that was quoted to me was from one done with a sample of 3 subjects who used some product that contained Lavender EO. What the study did not take into account was the other additives in the product that was used. Plus, the purity of the Essential Oil was not cited either.

This study by Robert Tisserand shows that Lavender Oil does not mimic estrogen nor does it enhance the body’s own estrogen. I trust the results provided here.

Since I use it on my kiddo, I personally will not do anything to harm him so I have done so much research on what is safe for him and what is not. In fact, it is always something that I carry with me as it is so versatile. So, this is all to say that it does not concern me to use Lavender on him.

You can read more from other bloggers like this and this on this hot topic.