The big debate about Sunscreen

Sunscreen used to scare me more than the sun. After our family history of health issues and my hubs cancer history, if it is inedible, I refuse to put it on our skin….

Sunburnt But sun burn is real. For this brown skinned mama who just gets tanned and not burnt, I did not care that much about how much sun screen I applied. But my kiddos… fair skinned through and through. I can’t even say that they were exchanged at the hospital because they were born at home, never left my sight and plus they look like Asad. ūüėÜ

Then came the excruciating research of figuring out what sunscreen to buy. Hey, If I can research something as simple as what crib to buy that does not off gas, I am going to research what toxic chemicals are present in a sunscreen. For instance, I also used to think that higher the SPF, the better the sun protection.¬†I was so wrong….Check this article out by¬†EWG. Hawaii is going to ban certain sunscreens as they are destroying the coral reefs. Sunscreens are that toxic. Go Hawaii!!!!!

Because I am a DIY kind of person, I started making my own. But at the back of my mind, I always used to wonder Рwhether this will actually work, how often to apply it, how much protection will it give us??? And it did for most part. I also used to apply as frequently as every hour. Plus it was greasy. And because I prefer non toxic to toxic, I would rather put up with the imperfect parts of it as long as it works.

FINALLY Young Living started making sunscreens last year.  AnayaSunscreen
I bet a million bucks that it is no surprise to you that¬†I LOVE this mineral based sunscreen so much. I love that it has no chemicals, it is water resistant, no nano particles that your skin will absorb and contains essential oils. AND it works…Can it get better than that???

I had a few concerns about the Young Living sunscreen only having an SPF of 10 whether it would provide adequate protection against skin damage. My¬†favorite Pharmacist Lindsey Elmore¬† debunked that concern. Quoting her”Let‚Äôs first talk through what SPF even is. SPF stands for sun protection factor.¬† It is a measure of how well an agent blocks UVB rays (the kind that cause skin cancer).¬† When not wearing sunscreen, your skin will naturally change color and incur a certain amount of damage in one hour. If you are wearing an SPF of 2 you will incur that same amount of damage in 2 hours that you would have incurred in one hour without any SPF. An SPF of 10 will get you 10 hours, SPF 30 will get you 30 hours, etc.

Here’s the thing, SPF is not linear (i.e. you don’t get 10 times more protection going from SPF 1 to 10 or 10 to 100).  When you apply SPF 10, you are blocking approximately 90% of UVB rays. SPF 15, approximately 93%; SPF 30, approximately 97%; and SPF 50, 98%.  So applying an SPF of 30 only gives you 7% more protection than SPF 10.

Also worth considering: if you do not plan on spending more than 10 hours in the sun, you may not need the 30 hours of protection than an SPF 30 may offer. In fact, when is the last time you saw 30 hours of daylight?

Bottom line, lower SPFs, applied more often, may offer similar sun protection as higher SPFs.”

A few safety precautions

  1. Apply at least 15 min prior to going out in the sun – As learnt from our sun fiasco in the car. I didn’t think to apply sunscreen to the kiddo before getting in the car. I wanted to apply it right as soon as we got there.
  2. Re-apply every 80min Р2 hours especially if you are swimming.I can sleep well at night knowing that this sunscreen is FREE of harsh cancer causing chemicals, parabens, phalates, petrochemicals, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic dyes. And you can relax too knowing that your kids AND you are taken care of without having to compromise on quality.

    Want your own Young Living sunscreen? Contact me and I can help you get it at a discounted price? Or go to Young and chose member Рget your starter kit and add sunscreen before checking out.

    Or buy it as a retail customer at full price

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Thieves Spray

Travel Necessity – Thieves Spray

I recently read this article that my friend Amanda sent to me about items that make travel easy with a child / children. Guess what was one of the items recommended in the list. Yes, you guessed right, Thieves Spray ( #17).  :-)

Thieves Spray

This, my friend is something I never leave the home without. Not only can it be used to sanitize toilet seats ( much needed when your toddler is starting to use public toilets. I am still grossed out if he touches anything in the public toilet setting), door knobs, act as a room freshener, it is wonderful for any surface that needs a good shot of clean. Another plus to this is that it can serve as a mouth freshener if you need one or even soothe your throat ( just spray at the back of your mouth)

My husband who travels a ton has become a big fan on this and insists on carrying one with him at all times. That is the biggest testament one can ever get, given how right brained my husband is.

I carry this with me not only while traveling but also for our regular day to day outings to the park or pick up after day care. It is so easy to do a quick spray of the hands and toys after play. I love it as it is non toxic unlike the popular brands available in the market. CNN wrote an article on how hand sanitizers are not only toxic but can also affect the immune system.

Another article states how Triclosan, an ingredient found in hand sanitizers and anti bacterials soaps and many cosmetics can disrupt the endocrine functioning and may also cause breast cancer. For all these reason, please please do read labels before buying any product.

This is the main reason I choose YL products for my family as they are clean and completely non toxic.