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Is Lavender Essential Oil A Hormone Disrupter?

And therefore is not safe to be used on little boys or children? That is the question that I was asked  when talking to a friend. It has come up a few times since then and so I thought of writing a blog about it.

The study that was quoted to me was from one done with a sample of 3 subjects who used some product that contained Lavender EO. What the study did not take into account was the other additives in the product that was used. Plus, the purity of the Essential Oil was not cited either.

This study by Robert Tisserand shows that Lavender Oil does not mimic estrogen nor does it enhance the body’s own estrogen. I trust the results provided here.

Since I use it on my kiddo, I personally will not do anything to harm him so I have done so much research on what is safe for him and what is not. In fact, it is always something that I carry with me as it is so versatile. So, this is all to say that it does not concern me to use Lavender on him.

You can read more from other bloggers like this and this on this hot topic.



Universe / Divine often seems to push me to my knees to show that I am not in charge.

I want to share an incident that happened yesterday. It was a lazy Sat, my husband took our son for swim lessons while I finished preparing lunch. We ate lunch and put the kiddo down for a nap. I hadn’t been to the gym since my last post about exercise and felt the need to get back into a routine once more. So, after quickly tiding up the place (it always seems like a storm went through my house) I decided to go to the gym. It had already started to snow by then and I wanted to get back as quickly as possibly.

So, off I went to the gym for an hour. As luck would have it, I found one parking spot – the parking lot was heavily crowded for some reason, probably people trying to stock up before the heavy snow. I had a good workout and as I was walking towards my car, a man stopped me saying loudly “Did you do this?” I had no clue what he was talking about and said so to him. He then points to his back bumper and shows a scratch on it. Then, he points to a scratch on my front bumper and shows me a scratch on my car. He then proceeds to accuse me that I hit his car.

And even before I could say anything, a cop car shows up and blocks my car. Everything felt surreal. I know, it is not a big deal, accidents happen right. But something got triggered inside and I felt the injustice of being accused of something that I did not do. Any grounded person would have politely explained that and let things happen.

What did I do? I fell apart. I started crying and yelling that I did not hit that car. Crying hysterically – now in retrospect it was stupid to have had that crazy reaction. In my mind, I had 1 hour to myself and I wanted to just get back home to my kid and did not want to spend hours dealing with the insurance company for something that I did not do. It felt like pure injustice and a waste of time. Of course, my acting like a crazy person did not help but I could not stop crying. This hit a nerve.

Even with the cop explaining to that dude that it does not look like I did it – the man insisted to exchanging information with the insurance company. And then began the waiting period. The cop took all my information and I waited in the car. My phone then dies, it was like I was in twilight zone as all I wanted to do was call my husband or my friend and get some comfort.

Finally, after 25 long minutes, I was allowed to go. And my phone turned on mysteriously as well. It was almost like I was just meant to sit in the discomfort of being accused and my melt down – just ‘being’ and ‘accepting’ of the situation.

When I finally got to speak to my friend ‘Naomi’, who I often go to when I need a different perspective, she reminded me of this book that we both had read called “The Surrender Experiment“, where the author’s main way of being in life is to ‘let things happen’ and not ‘fight anything that life doles out to you’.

Obviously, this incident was no big deal but in the moment, it felt like the rug had been pulled out from under – being accused of something that I did not do seems like a big trigger, I guess. It was a great reminder of letting the universe be a guide. Surrender often gets a bad rap because people confuse it with submission.

So, what does Surrender really mean? Here is what Wiki says about it “To surrender in spirituality and religion means that a believer completely gives up his own will and subjects his thoughts, ideas, and deeds to the will and teachings of a higher power”.

For me, Surrender is my way being guided and being at peace with what is happening. It does not mean that I don’t do what I have to do, it means that I do my job and let the universe / divine do the rest – what ever that looks like – whether I like it or not / whether that was in my plans or not/ whether that is what I wanted or not. It means true acceptance without resistance. It means sitting with the discomfort, it means asking for guidance from a place of prayer / humbleness.

SurrenderEOBlog Every morning before I start my day, I apply a drop of Surrender Essential Oil to my heart center and my forehead. I actively set an intention of giving me the strength and courage to ‘surrender’. And I had forgotten to do that on Sat morning. Just because I did not apply the EO does not mean that I should have forgotten that principle. To me, actively intending for ‘surrender’ sets the pace of the day and serves as a reminder.

What I love about Young Living is that they have an oil for everything. I truly love Surrender Essential Oil and feel grateful to have tools like this. Surrender is a blend and here is what YL describes the oil – “Surrender™ is a calming, soothing blend formulated for individuals who feel a need to be controlling. It helps quiet troubled hearts so that negative emotions can be released. Surrender may also help return feelings of equilibrium and inner strength”

Do you see those words “who need to be controlling” – that is me or should I say “recovering me”. I often joke about myself as a “recovering controller”. I have to work hard at it – letting go of control.

I will invite any of you struggling to let go of control to just experiment with Surrender and see how freeing it is – that is after you work through the fear : )


As my quest to form a community and connect people of similar interests towards health and wellbeing continues, I have been teaching at least one or two classes a month. This week, I taught a class on Monday night for an organization that I belong to called Holistic Moms Network.

One common theme I heard from most of the participants in my classes is how they often don’t feel like they have choices when dealing with supporting the wellbeing of their families. Having EO’s and oil infused products gives people that very option.

Sitting with the small group of moms made me think about how isolated we are, especially as parents. It made me long for a sisterhood of moms and a place where we can share our joys, frustration, concerns and most importantly, lean on each other for support and wisdom.

Teaching these classes has given me a great venue for doing just that. I love bringing people together where we can share our wisdom, support each other through difficulties and celebrate our successes specifically in the realm of healing and feeling empowered. Gathering a tribe of like minded people who can support each other is fun.

It reminds me of this wonderful blend that YL makes called “Gathering”. It is a blend of Galbanum, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Geranium, Cinnamon Bark, Rose Otto, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Spruce. It is very soothing for the chaos and stress that we deal with everyday. It helps gather our emotional and spiritual forces so that we can achieve a greater unity of purpose. It creates harmony in the body, mind and soul by releasing negative patterns and bringing in new ones.

Gathering EO

I apply Gathering on my wrists every day setting an intention of gathering my emotional and spiritual selves to be in alignment to focus it towards my higher purpose.

I love sharing my love of oils with people to support them on this path to optimal wellness. I feel very grateful for the women who attended and shared in my class on Monday night. Blessings to you all in your journey to wellness and joy.

Back to School

So, school has either already started or is starting this coming week. Things get busy for everyone involved. There are a few things that I like to keep handy for our our family since my son is also starting a program this coming week. Yikes, when did he get big enough to go to toddler program….

Immune Booster Roll On:

Thieves : 10 Drops
Frankincense : 10 Drops
Lemon: 10 Drops
Lavender : 10 Drops
Oregano: 5 drops (optional)
Coconut Oil / Olive Oil / YL’s V-6 blend – 20 drops
Roller Bottle


Mix all the eo’s in a roller bottle, fill it up with a carrier oil and use it before your child goes to school, day care or to the play ground.  In the winter months, coconut oil with solidify, so it might not flow through the roller bottle. So, you can use the V-6 blend that YL has already made or Olive oil which will not solidify.

Thieves Hand Spray

Thieves EO – 10 Drops
A few pinches of salt
Distilled Water
Spray Bottle


Take a spray bottle, add a couple of pinches of salt, add 10 drops of Thieves, and some distilled water. Here is your own little bottle of sanitizing spray. I often use either this, the Thieves Spray or the Waterless Purifier  that YL has on my hand, my son’s hand after we are done with the play ground and he wants a snack. I use it on our hands when we use public transportation. It is a wonderful replacement to the chemical purifiers available in the market.


OK, now for some calming oils that I like to use…. I don’t know about you but having to leave the house at a given time with a toddler in tow can be stressful. So, I have this blend that I like to take with me. It is also safe for kids…

You can just use Stress Away which is a great blend on its own. I never leave the house without StressAway.


An easy calming blend is..
10 Drops Frankincense
10 Drops  Lavender
10 Drops Cedarwood
30 Drops Almond Oil / Grapeseed Oil
10 ml – Roller Bottle

If you want to read more, YL blog has a great article about it.

So, Keep Calm, Oil On everyone…





Stress Away

OMG! yesterday was one of those days when stress hit me from everywhere right from when I woke up. We all have had days when we wake up with the million “to do” items on your mind. Yes, it was one of those days when I woke up with tons of anxiety and million things I needed to get done. Being busy focussing on my up coming classes, my husband Asad being busy at work including traveling for work, the kiddo feeling insecure about all these changes, I felt that my mind was stuck in a whirlwind.

Before the kiddo was born, I used to meditate every morning before starting my day. Now, if I can get 5 minutes to actually focus on my breath, I am happy.

Having woken up like that, I decided to not get going on my “to do” items. Instead, I decided to sit down for meditation. But before I did that, I applied some Frankincense on my temples and my ever favorite, Stress Away to my wrists and behind my ears. It totally calmed me down allowing me to meditate and take an inventory of my life and day.


I then sat for a bit which really helped my morning. I also added a few drops of Stress Away to my water before we went to Walden pond. It really helped me stay focused on my son and stay in the present moment. So, after I put him down his nap , I was able to leave the house (the baby sitter was there)  and focus on the tasks at hand. I actually got a lot more done than what I would have if I had started my day with that level of anxiety and frenzy.

Every person needs to have a bottle of StressAway with them at all times. I carry it in my kit at all times. It is this great blend of Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea and Lavender. It smells divine. Try some….