Abundance is on my mind and I wanted to share a few things that I do to stay in alignment with attracting wealth and abundance…because no matter where we are in life, we could all use ‘more money’ right!!!

Because we are all vibrational beings, being in alignment with wealth is very important.

So, what can you do to be in ‘Alignment’?

 Meditate and Visualize – It is pretty much my solution for everything… . Money is just energy and there is plenty of it available to all of us. There is no one pie in the sky..

Oils – We have a gold mine in the form of ABUNDANCE essential oil. It has been formulated specifically to attract abundance in your life. Applications in the comment section.

Use RELEASE Essential Oil before applying abundance to release any old patterns that are stopping you Release from attracting abundance.

 Work through your ‘Mind Sh.t’ – Mind is so powerful. Watch what beliefs you are actively carrying – “I don’t have enough” ” I will never be able to make that kind of money”. Those beliefs will hold you back in attracting abundance. Some of it steeps from deep old patterns.

Have Gratitude for your current situation and Clean out your Money center / Carrier center in your home. When you appreciate what you have, you will get more. The law of attraction. More in the comments.

 Keep records of where you spend and trim the fat. $5 tea latte 5 days a week = $100 a month. I am going to leave it at that.


Dryer Sheet

Let’s talk Dryer sheets – Simple Answer. Throw out any dryer sheets you are using, Please  🙏

Few options – Use Seedling line baby wipes – yes, baby wipes 👶 . Works really well. Try it. And it also works great to remove make up. So many uses  :)

Use wool balls – Add a couple of drops of your favorite EO on to the dryer balls and throw in the dryer.

Roll up a sock into a ball – add a couple of drops of your favorite EO and throw in the dryer.

My favorite EO’s for the dryer – Stress Away, Purification, Thieves, Lavender, Lemon. What is yours?


Transition to Fall


My son started school and now suddenly I have more time… Well, not really as I still have the 8 month old at home. Transition into Fall has been much on my mind long before Fall started. So, wanted to share some thoughts on easing into Fall. Many a times, writing it down is often a reminder for me as much as sharing info with you all..

  1. Stillness / Meditation / Prayers – If you have not tried sitting in stillness and connecting with mediateBlog yourself/ Divine / Universe  ( what ever resonates) do it. There is so much power when you sit in that space. If you are new to meditation – Head Space app is a good one to use. This often helps to be an anchor when there is chaos.
  2. Food – I am a big advocate of eating everything fresh, grass fed or free range if you are a meat eater, from local farms if you can. Fall time is really crucial in eating seasonal produce + herbs and spices. Also, eating mindfully can be very helpful in general as it helps connect you to your body
  3. Journaling – I think journaling can declutter your brain. I also love just putting 3-5 things in my to-do list for the next day before I go to bed to help with not adding too many things to my plate. Also, it sets me up for success.
  4. Essential Oils – Using essential oils like Grounding, Frankincense, Pine, Cedarwood can be very useful in this time of transition.What are you go to’s for helping with this transition to Fall…

Oils For Meditation

Meditation is an important aspect for me to keep my sanity and to connect with the Divine. As always, there are oils that can help facilitate this process. Connecting with Spirituality / Divinity also facilitates finding your purpose on this planet, it also allows for your higher self to guide you through life. That way, it can help define your vision.

Some of my favorite oils for this are Frankincense, Palo Santo and Hong Kuai.

frankincense Laminate You might have heard of Frankincense from the biblical times. Not only is this fabulous for meditation, it is an amazing immune booster as well as supports the skin. It is also great for visualization ( if you are into things like that)

I love applying it to the base of my brain stem. Another favorite use is to apply it to my son’s spine when he is having a hard moment. Try it if you have a toddler figuring out emotions :)

Palo Santo has very quickly become one of my palo-santo favorites. It is also known as a spiritual oil. It not only facilitates spiritual development, but also is known for its emotionally grounding properties.

I apply it on my heart center when my emotional system needs some love.






The last one is Hong Kuai. I have personally not used it as yet and I am very excited to try it soon.

It has been used for centuries for temples and shrines. It has one of the most highest content of sesquiterpenes. It helps with clarity, confidence and transformation.

You can read more about it from Dr. Cole Woolley who is a scientist, researcher and write.

Interested in getting started with learning more about essential oils and begin your journey to health and wellness with Young Living? Contact me. I am happy to do a one on one session to walk you through them either in person or via phone or video chat. Or you can come to one of my classes if you are local in the Boston area.

If you are  ready to get started with Young Living and join my team, you can do so from here.



Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party

I am so excited to be hosting my first ever Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party on Sunday.  Sole Hope is an organization that caters to preventing foot borne diseases that can be easily prevented by wearing shoes that children don’t often have. It also has major social stigma associated with it making it hard to get help.


I first heard about Sole Hope from Jessica Gianelloni who is the Young Living leader that I signed up under was leading teams to Uganda every year and I would often see her posts about Sole Hope. When I attended my first Young Living convention 2.5 years ago, I heard about this once again as Young Living had decided to partner with Jessica to help support Sole Hope. You have heard me talk about Young Living’s Wellness, Purpose and Abundance often and Purpose is one of the reasons that I got attracted to YL. Projects like these are amazing and it makes it even better when you can participate in doing something.

Life totally got in the way since then and since I was not planning to go to Uganda to help out, it totally got put away until a few weeks ago when I heard about the Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party.

Being 8 months pregnant, I knew that if I did not start something now, it would be hard to start something like this with a newborn. Hence, decided to host it now.

All it involves is participants showing with old jeans, scissors, and some plastic files. Using a template provided, we all cut pieces of the fabric, attach them with a pin and send it back with an optional donation of $10 per person. This will help them make the finished shoes. It is such a tangible way of giving back which does not involve money.

I am touched and thrilled at the response I have received from the community about this. I am delighted to say that 10 people which was my limit have decided to participate. I will post pictures from the event once it is over.

You can read more about Sole Hope or the Young Living Foundation here

I am so grateful to be a part of a company that believes in giving back to the world.