Happy 4th

20 years ago, this Bright eyed Indian girl stepped out of a plane from India all excited to start her Masters program in Counseling Psychology in San Francisco. It is sweet to think how naive she was.

It is strange that I never felt or saw myself as an Immigrant. America has always felt like home to me. But I MeAnd Asad-1998 often wonder why I got the this opportunity to call this country home and why others are denied of possibly the only thing that might give them hope.

Was it because I had resources, that I was educated, I had safety of another country to call my home. What if I didn’t? Would I be one of those mothers hoping that her child is safe somewhere.

Answers I don’t have. My heart continues to ache for the world that we live in.

However, I am immensely grateful to call this country my home, grateful to all the people who treated me well and never made me feel less than because I had a different skin color or because I spoke with an accent, grateful that my children will have opportunities that can’t be imagined. Beyond anything, I am grateful to never take freedom for granted. Happy 4th.

Photo taken – Sep 1998 – Yup, I met Asad in Aug of that year and we have been together ever since… Love this man so much. And I used to eat cake back then. Sigh…..


15-Stinky Kid Spray

Youngling Digestive Support Using Essential Oils

This is a testimony about TummyGize. It is part of the kids scents collection.

KidsScents My almost 3 year old generally has digestive issues and it becomes worse when traveling (We are currently across the Globe in India, the land where my husband and I were born)

As a mom, my focus often is whether he is able to eliminate effectively as it leads to other issues… A common TummyGize  topic for moms, right  :-)

He had not pooped for 2 days, one day of travel and one day after we reached and he was clearly uncomfortable. I had been applying Tummygize on his belly and rubbed it in a clockwise direction at night and his bowels have been regular. Now, I am kicking myself for not using it at home when he struggles. I got this specifically for travel and it is quite effective.


Have you used any of the KidsScents Collection?