Plant Based Annoyance Free Outdoors

So, Anish has been at Mass Audubon out door camp all week. And of course, the first thought when I signed him up was about the tiny bugs that we are supposed to cohabit with  🙄  I am extra cautious especially having watched one of my close friends be sick for so many years. Who knew these tiny bugs can cause such havoc 😖  right!!!! .

I added this  # plantbased  ‘Insect Repellent’ to my essential oils outdoor spray to drop kick the little pests  🚫 satisfying my love for  # nontoxic  products, protecting my child and being cost effective.  # deetfree   # youngliving # essentialoils   # ancientwisdom

Video of us in action in the comments 

Unboxing my Wellness Box

Here is why I get the subscription box from Young Living. I call it my Health Investment Box as that is exactly what it is…

  1. Living healthy is a lifestyle commitment
  2. Young Living makes it incredibly easy to support your health by giving you money back and freeeee stuff
  3. It is the easiest way to change out toxic chemicals in your home without having to spend tons of $$

Here is what I got this month

Thieves Hand foaming soap
Thieves Dishwasher detergent
Kids Scents Lotion
Sensation Hand and Body lotion
Essentialzymes 4
Life 9 probiotics
Insect Repellent
Sunscreen Lotion
Thieves mints
Progessence PLus and Thyromin

Tea Tree


Scratchy Throat

Here is what I do when I have a scratchy throat…

Ningxia red
Inner Defense
Life 9
Immu Pro
Thieves cough drop

In addition, I highly recommend seeing an acupuncturist on a regular basis.


Baby Care

I was secretly hoping that Young Living would come up with its own baby line and THEY DID last year – BabyProducts-YL The Seedling Line is the best. And with Anaya, we were so good to go. It is just amazing. If you have never tried it, please do… Their wipes, diaper rash cream are the best to name a couple.

You can read all about it here..

Perfect in time for our Ditch and Switch challenge.