Do I know why I started making my own products? Sadly, because of fear for the health of my precious loved ones. EWG rates products based on safety. I have used ‘clean’ products for many years, but it did not seem ‘clean’ enough for my newborn. I am sure many parents can relate to that. So, I decided to start experimenting and make my own products using Young Living Essential Oils. I started making things like lotions, camping spray, beach lotion, dishwashing soap, hand foaming soap. I was surprised at the ease of making these day to day items.

These days, if I am not able to get to it as quickly as I want to, I end up buying some great products from Young Living. Their lotions, soap, cleaning line (I love the Thieves Cleaning line) are super effective and non toxic.

Another great resource is Melissa Poepping’s Chemical Free Home books. She has awesome recipes in all 3 books. I will also tag recipes here so it is easy to search for them.